03/2016 - 10/2016

Konzeption und Implementierung eines Informationssystems zur explorativen Melodieanalyse


This work describes the conception and implementation of an information system for explorative melody analysis. The object of investigation consists of resources for folk music research from the Regensburger Liedblattsammlung. Through the possibilities of machine processing of musical pieces a web-based access to the digital indexed songsheets is created. Therefore, techniques from the area of music information retrieval, in particular the melodic similarity, are used in order to be able to search the inventory for melodic patterns. The connection to the already digitally edited lyrics and meta information of the songsheets also offers the possibility to search the collection for a variety of parameters, as well as words or phrases within the lyrics.


HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Express, React


Project on GitHub

08/2015 - 10/2015

Weird Kong


In this project, a content management system was developed for a music group. The frontend consists of AngularJS components, while the backend page is based on Laravel. In the conception the main focus was on a strong link with social media, whereby contributions can also be published directly in the channels.


PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Laravel, Angular, Facebook Graph API, Soundcloud API

01/2015 - 04/2015

Music XML Analyzer


The project MusicXML-Analyzer can be used for the quantitative analysis of music pieces as well as the search for melodic patterns in collections of songs. The results of the analysis are displayed as virtual staves directly in the browser. In addition, search queries and results can be played back via synthesized audio information. The analyzes can be exported as PDF and for further processing as CSV. In this project, I was responsible for the backend and server architecture as well as the rendering and export functions.


PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Laravel, PostgreSQL, D3.js, Vexflow

10/2014 - 06/2015

Interior of the Future


This is a research study aimed at developing interior concepts for autonomous vehicles. The focus is on the investigation of different interaction possibilities of the vehicle occupants. The course of the project is based on the Design Thinking approach, whereby the concrete tasks range from literature research, the conception of interviews and surveys to the development of different sketches and prototypes.


Design Thinking, Amazon Storyteller, LEGO, Blender 3D

04/2014 - 08/2014

Mediathek Crawler


The platform allows the search for media in the media libraries of the public service broadcasters. Using custom playlists and a watch list, a personalized TV program can be created via the interface. My responsibilities included implementing the crawling component and preparing the backend and database architecture.


PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Laravel, Video.js

11/2013 - 03/2014

Collaborative Tabletop Music Search


This project describes a concept for a music streaming client on a multitouch table. Multiple users can set search parameters by placing objects. These can be combined to narrow down the results. The aim is to promote the exchange between several users with different tastes. My job was to develop front-end components, handle music streaming, and connect to the Spotify API.


C#, XAML, Microsoft PixelSense, WPF Application Framework, Echo Nest API, Spotify API




This semester project represents a demo application of the Web Audio API. The browser-based application includes different virtual instruments like a drum machine, turntables or a effects section to generate sample-based pieces of music. The virtual instruments are synchronized in order to generate a smooth overall sound. Furthermore, the application includes the virtual assistant Groovy, who helps with using the different instruments. During the project, I was responsible for the frontend components as well as the handling of playback of different virtual instruments.


HTML, CSS, Javascript, Web Audio API

Live Demo